Top Rated Text Editors For Linux

After being a long-time Windows user I decided to shift to Linux one day when I got sick of my Windows XP constantly bugging (yes, it was a while back). Ever since then, I’ve been a Linux user but have, quite naturally, tried to keep close to the Windows environment I knew and, well, tolerated until I decided to sack it. I think this has been one of the good decisions I’ve taken as far as computers go. Linux works much more flawlessly than Windows and gives me tons of options to tweak it. Not to mention the fact that almost all Windows programs have a free Linux alternative that’s usually lighter and better than the Microsoft counterpart. I had struggled with finding a proper text editor for a while, though. I tried multiple options but none seemed to give me the same options and familiarity as the ones I had used on Windows. It was then that I realized that it was time for me to just drop the whole Windows thing altogether. It was time to learn something new and truly unique (at least for me). If you’re in the same boat as I was, I think you know how difficult this can be. With this in mind, I decided to compile a short list of the top rated text editors for Linux.


Gartoon-Gedit-iconIf you’re using a Gnome-based Linux distro, then you should be familiar with gEdit. It has tons of useful features, for the programming enthusiasts and casual users alike. The integrated spell check for hundreds of languages, as well as highlighting program code makes it the perfect text editor for any use. Whether you’re using C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, HTML or other language, you’re not going to have any trouble utilizing this puppy. Even if you need something the program doesn’t already have, you can easily download it in the form of plugins. There are so many plugins available online that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding everything you need. The plugin installation is also quite easy and can be done from the menu of the program, itself. Overall, gEdit is one of the most used and famous text editors, especially for people who are into programming. You can hardly go wrong with this text editor.


Geany is a nice, lightweight text editor with lots of options despite its simplicity. It can allow you to do basically anything that has to do with editing a text or a code and will definitely surprise you with its utility and simplicity. The program can run on many Linux distributions as it requires GTK2 runtime libraries. Just gEdit, it has tons of coding functions and text highlights, plugins and more. It also has perfect tools to help you compile and test your code. For such a small and simple program, Geany really is one of the best editors you can use. The code navigation is seamless and will make your life much easier. It supports most of the popular file types, so compatibility should not be an issue.

Sublime Text 

Even though it’s not free, Sublime Text is available for Linux, and it’s simply sublime. Even though you can get away with using the free software, I decided that in the interest of giving you more options, Sublime Text deserves a mention. Sublime has immense language support, richer than most text editors I’ve encountered, and the functionality of the program is undeniable. Even though it’s not free, you can get an evaluation version for free and you can keep it for as long as you like, and use it for an unlimited amount of time (if you’re not bothered by the pop-up window that asks you if you want to buy the program).

Author Bio: Rose Finchley works as a technician for  and has a lot of experience with different editors.

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