Popular android apps for 2014

With the advent of more and more sophisticated technology it has become absolutely important for all to be able to make the best possible use of the technologies in order to cater to the demands of life. Smartphones have nowadays become an integral part of modern life and a large number of people, mostly youngsters are getting more and more inclined towards using these phones. As a result there is an ever growing demand of Smartphones across the globe. However, smartphones are more or less useless without android applications and so users should always look for newer applications that they can download and install in their phones. Different applications function in a different way and so it is better for the user to know details about the application before downloading and installing it. Those who are in search of some brand new applications ought to know about the most popular android applications that are likely to be in the news in 2014. Many companies have brought affordable iphone app service in the market of late like the one stated below.


Tasker is one of the most important android applications that have created much buzz of late. The unique thing about this application is that it allows the user to do a whole lot of things using its multiple triggers like specific apps, location, day and time. Be it about keeping the screen light on while reading a book or about making the ringtone louder, Tasker has it all. This affordable iphone app service can be easily download and installed in one’s smartphone at a very affordable cost.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Typing on the mobile phone has been made largely easier with the introduction of the SwiftKey Keyboard android application. This unique application, in a way, is able to read the mind of the users and can suggest the words and expressions that they might be looking for. It is therefore easier for users to type texts on their Smartphones more easily and faster than they can think. Users can save a lot of time in typing texts by using this keyboard.


For those who need a better and easy management of their finances through their smsrtphones Manila is the best choice. Users can view their subscriptions, travel rewards, finances and bills easily through this application. One of the most important features of this android application is that it gives automatic reminders to the users so that he or she does not have to compensate for being late. It also offers an organized data storage facility so that users can keep a proper record of their bills always at hand.

Opera Browser

The android version of the Opera Browser is an affordable iPhone app service makes net surfing a lot easier than before. It allows the user to bookmark his or her favorite site in the Speed Dial and so the user can connect to the site very fast. The Off Road Mode feature helps the user download pages quickly even at a slower connection by increasing the compression rate to a large extent. Its unique features have made it one of the most favorite mobile browsers in the market.

Swipe Pad

Swipe Pad is a unique application that makes it possible for users to do more than one task at the same time. It is possible for users to make a call or text someone even when they are amidst other applications. This is more like the Virtual Box feature in computers that enable users to work in two operating systems in a single computer at the same time.

Author Bio: Koustuv Roy is an expert tech writer and mobile app developer. He has an in-depth knowledge on mobile app companies and shares his expertise in blogs, wikis and social media.

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