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How Do Developers Prioritize Platforms?

When it comes to major app then the sarcastic question that arises in the developer’s mind is which platform to use. The key question which arises that how should an organization prioritize across all platforms you publish on. The best resources are provided at all the platforms in order to cater featured apps or product on that respective platform. The various factors like costs, capabilities, resources, target market, revenue and many other things are taken into consideration. So to differentiate among iOS, Android or just plain simple cross platform HTML5 is quite difficult. There is no denying the fact that as iOS is better in terms of making more money, HTML5 is better in order to go cross platform or having existing web assets while android has always been seen an open source platform meant for customization in accordance to the user preference.

HTML5 is the fifth generation of HTML and has surely given a new meaning to mobile web as well as responsive design. It is cost efficient as one single application can be run on all mobiles supporting it. Large organizations as enterprises see HTML5 as an effective way in monetary terms to extend business processes and assets. Cross screen and cross platform is important for organizations indulging in banking and retail sector thus making HTML5 a cost effective option. It is having priority among those developers that value open standards. No doubt, that iOS and android have engrossed over 94 per cent of smartphone sales in Q3 2013 but who knows whether they’ll continue to govern the market in the fourth coming years.

In case of iOS development you need mac to build applications, which is a big investment. The developers that value direct revenues and brand recognition gives more priority to iOS because brand contribute to user retention and engagement. It is considered as the main platform for developers that want fiscal, targeted reach and discovery. The self-employed developers who are keen towards app development also emphasize more on iOS as it is overall tend to monetize better.

On the contrary, Android is the priority among developers who care about reach and customization. Rather than business side of app development they depend on factors associated with technical development. It is being considered as an entry level platform where developers experiment. It is more accessible in terms of startup costs and efforts and thereby attracts one who is fond of collecting specimens.

It is a great point of discussion but seems to ignore the fact that how priorities vary for each single platform. So to vary among the three and deciding which is more compatible is very difficult. If you are creating mobile app then there are several important choices. All the 3 are peak platforms and there’s plenty of overlap indeed. Some apps are best suited for iOS, some for HTML5 and some for android, so it is arduous to declare the best one. So there is no point in arguing why enterprise apps can’t be deployed on android. IOS is associated with higher revenues but there are many high grossing android apps that exceed iOS revenues.

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