10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Android VPN

android vpn

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is slowly catching up, with everyone becoming more aware of security issues and hackers. Considering that we do a lot of our work and financial dealings online, this becomes even more significant. Most people already have VPN on the home or office networks, but it is equally important when using the […]

Choosing from Among the Best iPhone and iTunes Apps

iphone apps

Apple has never shied away from upping its game with each new version of the iPhone. There are around thousand apps available on iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and iPad. As such and choosing the best them remains a daunting task. Still, today, within the scope of the post we will track down some of the […]

How to Speed Up My Windows 8?

Speed Up Windows 8

Introduction: Most  of  them  have  tried  windows  7  and  windows  XP  versions  and  many  of  them  are  having  problems  with  speed  of  operating  system.  It  will  take  more  time  for  loading  the  boot  files.  If  you  have  used  Windows  8,  it  is  fastest  operating  system  which  loads  fast.  After  using  it  for  days,  we  can  […]

Review of Workflow Management Software Comindware Tracker


In today’s hectic workplace, it is very important to manage the productivity of all people involved in a project. Having optimized workflow in group projects brings about better results in a more efficient and timely manner. People like to have visual aids to organize and optimize their thoughts and tasks. Comindware Tracker is a great […]

Fun and Logic With the World of Cheese


As an online gaming addict, you might be aware of the funny game of logic- World of Cheese. But those of you all who are just being introduced to the immensely popular Temple Run and Subway Surfers might not be familiar with this comparatively lesser famous game.  All you budding gamers or beginners out there, […]

Reasons to monitor your employees


A successful and prosperous business requires diligent staff and a serious working environment. Staff members will range from industrious hard workers to fun-loving procrastinators that idle away their work hours. Besides setting up stricter office rules, employers must take additional steps to guarantee success for their business. Cell phone tracking is a modern and revolutionary […]

Top 8 Subway Surfers Cheats Apps for your Android phone

subway surfers cheats

If you’re new Android user and don’t know much about Subway Surfers, the most popular android game, then this article in just for you. Here you will get some of the most effective tips and tricks on how to play this game and score higher. All you need to download below-mentioned Subway Surfers (SS) apps […]

How to root almost any Android device

root android

An Android device can be rooted easily by anyone who wants to experience more than what this OS is currently capable of. The performance of your handset will become better faster if you apply this procedure. But how to root an Android device? You’ll find the answer below. The benefits of owning a rooted Android […]

The Latest Technology in Theft Prevention for Your iOS


With iPhone and Apple product theft becoming so rampant that police have come up with a specific term for this type of crime—Apple Picking—it’s clear that more needs to be done to help you protect your iOS product from theft.  Over the past few months, strides in iOS theft prevention have been made with Apple’s […]



When the Big Smartphone player Apple released iOS 7 it was a hot news around the market and its news covered in all major tech journals and according to Apple CEO Tim Cook it was the “biggest change since iphone”. However, the iOS 7 received mixed responses from the users. The pros and cons of […]

About The New Apple Mac Pro


Whether you love Apple or love PCs, everyone knows when an Apple release is on its way.  From the news reports of people camping out for weeks on end, to the pictures and articles all over the Internet rumor mills, you can hear about a new Apple product even if you are not trying to […]